Going deeper in UDK

So my wedding is in a couple weeks, and I am between contracts, so I am taking some day-time when I am not getting wedding things done to really try to learn more tricks with audio in UDK. I picked up the GameAudioTutorial which when used properly is an exquisite tool for learning Unreal 3, and some great concepts about optimization that can be applied to any middleware. The combination of the book, the UDK exercises and master level, and the videos and PDFs makes for a comprehensive class you can take at your own pace.

I want to also plug, for anyone else diving into this, another blog by Graham Gatheral  who has done some great UDK explorations on his own, and blogged quite a bit about the process of creating what you see in the videos on his portfolio.

If I have anything worth talking about I will perhaps post about it, for now I am just trying to create my own sandboxes and figure some of the more complex kismet things out, while I follow the GAT chapters.

couple of useful tidbits for the console when you play-test your levels:
stat audio
stat soundwaves

New Blog

Greetings folks. It was time to kill my old blog yet again, and align something new and clean to go alongside my professional site. Sometimes cleaning house is a good thing. You can expect posts about sound design, posts about video games, announcements about work I am attached to, or new SFX libraries that are going on sale over at JordanFehrFX.

I think this new clean look is classy-er-er.