Helicopter Study

On Sunday, I was sitting in my studio doing some busy work, when a helicopter started circling the house. I didn't think much of it after the first pass, these things happen in a city. But after the second and third passes I whipped out my Zoom H1 in case it was going to be around for a minute. Sure enough it was circling for a good few minutes, and I got probably 5-6 different bys from fairly close. It must have been some sort of news/weather chopper to be circling low. Who knows what they were looking for.

So after I edited and cleaned the original recordings and filed them away in my vehicles folder in my SFX library, I decided to make some sci-fi sounds out of the recordings. A fun way to spend an afternoon. I had recently purchased the Uhbik plugins by u-he and using those and some EQ/Filter/Compressor plugs I made some fun sounds.

Here is a sample of one of the bys and a couple of other sounds I made from other parts of the recording. (mind you this is an .mp3)

Your Game's Elevator Speech

Some tips from a mini-talk at GDC about explaining your game to an asshole: