Gamasutra's Top 10 Indie Games of the Year

Jamestown clocks in at # 8 and The Binding of Isaac grabs spot # 2

10. Atom Zombie Smasher (Blendo Games) [Windows/Mac/Linux, paid]

9. Dig-N-Rig (DigiPen) [Windows, freeware]

8. Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony (Final Form Games) [Windows/Mac/Linux, paid]

7. Bastion (Supergiant Games) [Windows/Xbox Live, paid]

6. Dungeons of Dredmor (Gaslamp Games) [Windows/Mac/Linux, paid]

5. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Superbrothers, Capybara Games) [iOS, paid]

4. Frozen Synapse (Mode 7) [Windows/Mac/Linux (iPad soon), paid]

3. Terraria ( Re-Logic) [Windows, paid]

2. The Binding of Isaac
(Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl) [Windows/Mac/Linux, paid]

1. SpaceChem (Zachtronics Industries) [Windows/Mac/Linux/iPad, paid]

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