Poll: Audio Plugins

 I asked my twitter network if they could post the 3 plugins they can't live without, regardless of what tasks they perform.  If you are reading this and your name doesn't appear here please do post your own in the comments for the group!

These are the individual responses, and summary at the end.

 Austin Shannon
-Soundtoys Speed
-Waves L3

Alejandro Betancourt
-Ozone 5
-PSP Vintage Warmer
-Waves L3
-Waves EQ10

Sam Hulick
-Ozone 5
-Valhalla Room

Gavin Harrison
-Logic Tape Delay
-Lexicon Reverb
-Waves Puigchild 670

Dren McDonald
-U-he Ubhik-G
-McDSP 6030 comp
-Logic channel EQ

Eric Van Amerongen
-SSL E Channel
-LiquidSonics Reverberate
-GRM Contrast

Alexandre Saba
-Izotope RX
-Cubase Reverence
-Waves R-EQ

Jack Menhorn
-Logic Channel EQ
-Kontakt 5
-Logic Space Designer

David Mason
-2cAudio Breeze
-Waves R-EQ

Cedric (@technicienduson)
-Izotope Ozone

Fred Pearson
-Digi Phasescope
-DMG Compassion

Samuel Justice
-DMG Equality
-Waves R-Comp

Matthew Marteinsson
-Waves H-EQ
-Waves R-Comp

Hrishikesh Dani
-MeldaProduction's MEqualizer
-Roger Nichols' Inspector

Stosh Tuszynski
-Izotope RX
-Waves R-Channel

TIm Prebble
-convolution verb

Kpow Audio
-Massey Plugins l2007
-DMG Equality
-Valhalla Room

Jordan Fehr
-Izotope RX
-Pro Tools Time Shift
-u-he Uhbik Plugins (G & S mostly)

Top 3 Plugins
-Izotope RX
-Izotope Ozone 5

Others with 2+ mentions
-Waves R-EQ
-Waves R-Comp
-Waves L3
-Logic Channel EQ
-Valhalla Room
-DMG EQuality


  1. - Waves EQ10
    - Waves L3
    - CSR Classic Studio Reverb

    //Henrik Nåmark

  2. Metric Halo Channel Strip
    Izotope Ozone
    Izotope RX

    - Dave Wallingford