Audio Example - Saints Row 3 - Rain on Car

This clip is used for educational purposes only. All rights and credits belong to Volition Inc.

Excuse the low quality visuals, you can't actually see the rain, but know that it is raining in the game.

Saints Row 3 is a great sounding game! Even beyond the high level of voice acting, music, and music licensing that it usually gets credit for, there is a lot of great stuff going on in the SFX. 

So, I was driving around in my smartcar and it started to rain. I listened and noticed something great! Even in a game this sonically complex, in a genre that has many games like it, Volition managed to surprise me with their detail. It doesn't rain very often for one thing, so having a special event for this was amazing to see.

When you are in a vehicle, the rain drops make a sound for hitting the exterior of the car, in addition to the standard rain on the street, and thunder ambiences we've come to expect. And when I drove the car under the awning of the gas station, I was delighted to discover the game responded in kind, and the rain drops disappeared. So you get this delightful rain on the roof of the car sound, if you are in a car with open air above you. Great little POV detail I wanted to share.

Cheers Volition.

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